Immediate Obtain HVAC Devices – A Tutorial To Heating & Cooling System Purchasing For DIY

So you have made the decision to or have purchased your own heating and cooling tools. Till now, you are surprised how easy the process has been. You found a reputable supplier who was able to take you by the hand and assist you in your selection of replacement heating and cooling system equipment for your home. The ordering process was a breeze. You are stunned at how quickly your product was shipped and received. So far, this is easy! The best part has been the savings, so now what is next

Well, with great savings comes responsibility. Let’s get something out in the open right now. If you are the type of consumer who wants an all-inclusive, turnkey purchase and installation, then this new alternative may not be right for you. But, the fact that you are considering or have purchased your own HVAC devices, indicates that you are of the do it yourself mindset, or you are among the many who have become extremely concerned with their personal finances, and therefore have found an alternative to local contractor sources.

The question gets asked over and over again, “who will install my new system”? Well the answer can actually take multiple directions to the same end. One alternative is to complete as much of the total project as you can yourself, within your skill set and level. This can include placement and setting of outdoor condensers or heat pumps, the running of new refrigeration line sets if necessary, and even electrical wiring, if you are capable, and if local codes permit. In the same, gas furnaces and electric air handlers can also be do it yourself projects, up to certain points in limitations. If you are capable of running or altering your vent pipe or pipes, and again running and or hooking up electrical connections, then go for it. If you have the tools and possess the skills to install or alter your ductwork as may be necessary for your replacement furnace or air handler, and you have access to these materials, then by all means continue to be proactive in your savings through the process. But, and this can not be emphasized enough, when it comes to the process of physically connecting refrigeration lines, vacuuming down the refrigeration system, and actual startup of this highly technical equipment, do not attempt this yourself. This portion of your project needs to be reserved for a licensed trained professional.

So this brings up the subject of hiring a professional to either completely install your direct purchased products, or to assist in and complete your do-it-yourself project. The following are tips and considerations for hiring local talent:

o “Friends & Family” – I know, this sounds like either a cell phone plan, or the people you invite to a Tupperware party. But, in reality, friends and family can be a great resource. Almost everyone, especially in smaller communities, either know themselves are related to or knows someone who is related or knows an HVAC contractor, installer or technician. These HVAC professionals are often willing to be of assistance, in part because of relationship. So, ask around. You may be surprised at what or who you discover.

o Local HVAC professional – This option is obvious, but the path you take here, can be key in the success of this direction. Many local HVAC contractors are loyal to and advertise specific brands of products. These contractors usually make the majority of their income in profit by marking up the equipment that they furnish to their customers. And we need to be clear, that this is perfectly fine and acceptable, but that this will probably not fit into your plan for saving money. The branded contractor will oftentimes be resistant to a request to assist a homeowner who has purchased their own products, as they are not able to charge their normal profit margins. So for that reason, when searching for a local HVAC technician to assist in or to install your complete project, it helps to understand, the contractor’s motivation. This is where a great little term comes into play. “Time & Material”. Just as there are contractors who utilize machines markup, there are also many contractors who operate under time and material basis. This means that these contractors will do the work that you request and will charge you based on their normal hourly rate plus charges for any materials that they provide and are utilized in your project. So, to recap this section, when searching the Yellow Pages for a contractor, calling the large ad, name brand contractor may not be in your best interest. Calling the less advertised professional will more then likely result in successfully finding an installing contractor who is happy to earn their normal fees and wages.

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