Solar Car Battery Chargers

Winter season is not really a very automotive-friendly season. Car owners have always struggled with winter as this season can render car batteries too cold to start best car battery charger reviews. So as the leaves start falling, car owners often ask, will their car’s battery survive the cold season of winter?

There’s a simple solution to this dilemma-solar chargers for car batteries. All you need to do is to put the solar battery charger on your car’s dashboard during the day or while you are at work. It charges instantly and you don’t have to worry about that your car will not be able to get you home. These solar chargers for car batteries are perfect for any type of vehicles-cars, trucks, boats, RVs, 4 wheelers and even motorbikes. If the winter season is over, you can still use them with your vehicles that do not get used everyday.

Batteries produced nowadays have lead-acid content. If they are connected to your car and the engines are not run regularly, they can discharge over time. Contrary to popular belief, irregular use or short trips particularly during cold weather can drain the life of your car battery which can eventually result to failure at the most inconvenient time.

The principle behind solar car battery chargers is that they “trickle” charge, meaning low level current is fed continuously to the battery to prevent if from losing its charge. Traditional battery charging requires mains powered devices which are inconvenient and the cost for the electricity to power these devices are a bit pricey. Solar car battery chargers do not require mains power, thus providing the biggest advantage. They can be easily set up and convenient to bring anywhere.

Solar chargers for automotive batteries have solar panels installed in its face. All you need to do is rest it near a window or on top of your car’s dashboard so that it can absorb as much sunlight during the day thereby, keeping your batteries charged. While some brands of solar car battery chargers directly connect to the battery while others feed power to the battery via the cigarette lighter power socket. This feature enables the solar car battery charger to do its job even while the vehicle or boat is locked.

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